Keep That New Ride Looking Good for Longer with These Cosmetic Car-Care Tips

It is no big secret that a vehicle loses its value with age, but the better you take care of that new ride, the more likely that it will still be quite valuable five or ten years down the road. Cosmetically speaking, exterior appearances of a vehicle can go a long way toward suggesting its overall value. If you want to make sure the new and shiny car you have now still looks just as good a few years down the road, there are a handful of cosmetic car-care tips you should keep in mind.

Wash your car regularly to protect its paint. 

If you are like a lot of car owners, zipping off to the local car wash every time you get your car a little dirty or every time a flock of birds decides take aim at your windshield is just not feasible. However, not washing your car after it gets soiled is one of the easiest ways to compromise the livelihood of the paint. All the dirt, debris, and other stuff that gets stuck to the exterior of your car can be filled with corrosive and acidic materials that will cause deterioration with time. So even if all you have time to do is grab a garden hose at home and spray away messes, you will be doing your part to protect the paint. 

Have small dents and dings repaired as soon as they are apparent.

A runaway cart at the grocery store, a rock thrown from a gravel road, a golf ball out of line at the course—all of these are examples of things that can cause small dents and dings in your ride. If you spot a dent or ding on the body of your vehicle, it is always best to go ahead and have a body shop take a look and get the damage repaired. The longer a dent stays in place, the more likely it will be that your paint will be damaged. Plus, over time, the accumulation of even the tiniest dents, dings, and scratches can make your vehicle look pretty worn and ragged. 

Keep your engine clean. 

For the most part, people will not pay a lot of attention to what the engine looks like unless they are either doing work or trying to sell their vehicle. However, as the owner, having your engine thoroughly cleaned occasionally will help you keep the engine looking good for the long haul. There are actually some body shops and auto-detailing centers that offer engine steam cleaning, which is an awesome way to remove grease, grime, and oil from the motor. 

Take your car to a professional such as Auto Body By Duie LLC to get started with your auto-body repair. 

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