Choosing The Right Lubricant For Your Heavy Machinery

It is essential that heavy machinery that use bearings be adequately lubricated. Failure to lubricate bearings will cause a machine to operate less efficiently because of the increased friciton between bearings and other surfaces. Also, the increased friction will increase the temperature that the machine operates at and how quickly the machine wears out. When lubricating heavy machinery, it is important to determine whether you will use grease or oil.

The Benefits Of Grease

One of the advantages of using grease is that bearings can be pre-lubricated. This allows for any external lubrication system to be eliminated and also lowers the cost of lubricating the bearings. Due to the simplicity of greasing bearings, less time needs to be spent on the maintenance of heavy machinery that uses them.

The downside of grease is that it is not as effective at keeping machinery cool because it does not conduct heat away from the bearings as effectively as oil. Grease can also lead to torque for the bearing being somewhat higher. Because the grease is not able to conduct heat away from bearings as effectively as oil, the speed at which heavy machinery can safely operate is often lower when grease is used.

The Benefits Of Oil

Though oil can be inconvenient, it continues to be a commonly used lubricant because of its merits. While the grease is supplied to the bearing once, the oil is supplied to the bearing continuously and carries heat away from it. This allows for the heavy machinery to operate at higher temperatures and higher speeds without the need for an additional external cooling system.

The Benefits Of Soft Film Lubricants

If the machinery will be operating under extreme conditions, it may be necessary to use a soft film lubricant. The friction of soft film lubricants is not affected by temperature and they do not evaporate over extreme temperatures. However, it is unnecessary to use them under normal operating conditions.

When lubricating your machines, it is important that you factor in how critical each of your machines are. You may not be able to service all machines all the time, but you will need to lubricate machines that are essential for your core business. These are machines that have a sizable impact on:

  • Safety
  • Production
  • The environment
  • The likelihood of failure

But ultimately, lubrication is key for your machine and you must choose the perfect oil for your application. For more information, contact an expert in heavy machinery repair, like one from Florida Truck & Trailer CO.

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