Removing Bumper Stickers From Your New-To-You Vehicle

If you love the used car that you recently purchased but don't love the bumper stickers on its rear bumper, then you will be pleased to learn that you can easily remove them. While removing the old stickers from a vehicle's bumper is not a terribly pleasant project, with the right tools and some patience, you can complete the project in under and hour.

The tools and supplies necessary to remove bumper stickers from your car's bumper are:

  • a hair dryer

  • a small putty knife

  • duct tape

  • adhesive remover

Follow this process to remove the bumper stickers from your new ride:

Step 1: One of the easiest ways to remove the stickers from your car's bumper, is to warm up the adhesive on their backs using a hair dryer. If you own a heat gun, you can also use that to remove the decals.

Set your hair dryer on high heat and blow it onto the sticker from above until it heats up. Make sure that you move the hair dryer around and do not overheat any one specific area because it could damage the paint job on your car. You will know that the adhesive is warm enough when the bumper sticker moves around on the bumper when you touch it with your fingers.

Step 2: Tear off a piece of duct tape and wrap it over the end of your putty knife. Without the extra protection of the duct tape, the putty knife can scratch the paint job on your car.

Use the wrapped putty knife to gently scrape off the bumper sticker and its adhesive.

Step 3: Using the adhesive remover, apply it to any residual adhesive that is left on your car's bumper following the directions on the container. Removing all of the adhesive is very important because if it is not removed, then it will attract dirt and dust and make a mess on your car's bumper.

Step 4: Once all of the bumper stickers and their adhesive has been successfully removed from your new-to-you car's bumper, then you should wash your car. Washing your car will help to remove any residual adhesive remover and any adhesive that may still be present.

Know When to Seek Help

Finally, while it is always nice to be able to remove the bumper stickers from your new-to-you car yourself, if you run into any issues during the process, then you should seek professional help from a local auto body shop (like Lakeside Collision Kirkland).  

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