Repair A Tear In A Vinyl Convertible Top

If a tree limb fell onto your convertible's vinyl top and tore the fabric as a result, patch the fabric by completing the steps below. Making the repair in a timely manner will prevent the top from leaking or the tear from becoming larger and more difficult to mend.


  • safety pins
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • vinyl cleaning agent
  • sponge
  • lint-free cloth
  • embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle
  • tube of waterproof adhesive
  • cotton swab
  • self-adhesive marine vinyl patch

Apply Duct Tape To The Interior Side And Clean The Fabric's Exterior

Go inside of your vehicle and gather the two sides of the torn fabric together and secure them with a couple safety pins. Apply a piece of duct tape to the interior side of the convertible top. Exit your vehicle and inspect the top of the cover. Clean the fabric with a sponge that has a few drops of a product that is designed to clean vinyl added to it. Dry the fabric with lint-free cloth.

Stitch The Fabric And Apply Adhesive

Thread an embroidery needle with a piece of embroidery thread that matches the color of the vinyl top. Stitch the two pieces of fabric together by pushing the needle through the edges of the torn fabric and pulling the thread taut. Insert the needle through both pieces of fabric from the opposite side and pull the thread taut. Continue sewing the torn fabric in this manner until both pieces are stitched together.

Cut the thread and knot it closely to the fabric's surface. Apply a thin line of waterproof adhesive over the thread. Use a cotton swab to spread the adhesive out evenly. Wait for the adhesive to dry.

Cover The Repaired Area With A Vinyl Patch

Place a self-adhesive marine vinyl patch that is the same color as the vinyl fabric over the repaired area. Press the patch firmly against the vinyl. Use a cotton swab to apply a line of waterproof adhesive over the edges of the patch. Once the adhesive dries, go inside of your vehicle and carefully remove the safety pins and piece of duct tape that are secured to the interior side of the convertible top.

The marine vinyl patch will add an extra layer of protection to the repaired area and will prevent moisture from penetrating the top when it is closed. Maintain the top by carefully removing debris from its exterior with a vinyl cleaning agent and soft sponge when needed. For assistance, talk to a professional like Fred's Auto Interiors.

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